Project Idea Sketching

Conductive Keyboard



I am going to make a conductive keyboard with 6 notes (possibly 8), building on the conductive circuit I built in Arduino Project 13. I would like each note to also have an LED that lights up when the 'note' is played, as a visual representation of the current. I want it to be fun, sound lovely, and have a contemporary design focus.


What I need:

+ Arduino Uno
+ 12 x 220-Megaohm resistors (one for each note, and one for each LED to make troubleshooting and debugging simpler)
+ Piezo speaker (or other output)
+ 6 x LEDs
+ Cables to connect to ground and 5V
+ Cables to connect each note and each LED
+ Coins or other conductive material - foil, mesh, will experiment!
+ Soldering iron
+ Wood or recycled plastic to make container

Musical / technical things to consider:

+ 6 notes -- a pentatonic scale using frequency (rather than MIDI)
+ Research the best way to create notes that can be played at the same time to play chords, if possible.


Design inspiration:



Additional assistance to be found through this example: