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A Creative Technologist and Composer. 
I am a computational artist, composer, thinker and general tinkerer. I love to ideate, iterate and problem solve using a very broad skillset — including programming, physical computing, designing, fabricating, testing, debugging and above all, collaborating. I am always about creating immersive, thought-provoking experiences.
I am extremely self-motivated, organised and passionate. I have a proven track record of success in the endeavours I’ve undertaken, but I also think failure is an opportunity to learn and evolve. I strive to be an advocate for women / POC / LGBTQI folk in the male-dominated fields that I’ve existed in over the years, from music and film to tech — because inclusive teams mean genuinely new, innovative and more meaningful work. I love to deliver projects that blow people away. You can check out my portfolio here: www.freyaberkhout.com.


Creative Technologist at Man Repeller.
The world of creative technology is still in its infancy. As someone who has 10 years experience in the creative industries, adding computational skills to my palette has been revolutionary — not only because it has transformed my perspective on how I can achieve my artistic vision, but also because there is a world of whacky, wonderful and downright insane ideas to explore with experiential storytelling, brand collaborations and immersive events. I feel my skillset, creative attitude and passion could elevate and expand the output of Man Repeller so we can explore the cutting edge of tech in an intelligent, relatable, intersectional feminist context. This doesn’t exist yet.
I’ve read Man Repeller most days for the past few years because it’s authentic, introspective, at times frivolous, inspiring and always compelling. There aren’t many roles I can think of that bring my weirdly broad skillset together, but this one does and I think I’d be really bloody good at it.


  • Masters in Computational Arts, Goldsmiths, University of London, 2018.
  • Graduate Diploma in Screen Music, Australian Film, Television and Radio School, 2013.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Asian Studies), University of Sydney, 2011.


openFrameworks/C++, Processing/Java, Python, HTML, Max/MSP, SuperCollider, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Particle Photon, Projection Mapping, Data Visualisation, Wekinator, Fusion 360, Inkscape, Pro Tools, Sibelius. Always learning, always open.


Sydney-born but London-based. As an Australian, I can get an E3 visa in the US, which means I can get and renew 2 year visas as long as I have a work offer :)


Web — animations and interactive content for Man Repeller website: clickable games for readers, easter eggs with surprising additional content / ideas to be found on the site.
Events — interactive installation ideas for the recent Adidas Originals Dinner event:
  • Whack-a-mule. Using computer vision, attendees could interact with a projection on the floor where they play whack-a-mule (but with sneakers, obvi) — the objective would be to step on the shoes as soon as they randomly appear.
  • Interactive projection wall. As people walk past, the colour palette of a scene changes, or the season visibly changes (environment and outfit — everything except the shoes).
AND SO MUCH MORE! Collaborating to come up with clever, engaging and intuitive ways to explore tech is my jam.


I like to call my style bonkers-chic, though it could probably stand to be more bonkers (I feel clothes should generally be more bonkers).
I have a lifelong addiction to satay sauce and strawberries (not together), and I am a closet skincare obsessive. 
I’m vegan and a passionate environmentalist, with a particular interest in sustainable, ethical and vintage fashion. 
I am a really good Capricorn even though I think horoscopes are a bit bullshit.
I very much enjoy puns, having grown up on a diet of dad jokes and British comedy.
I’m all about colour blocking.
I’ve been learning Japanese intensively for a year.

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I would love to discuss the idea with you.